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Tear-Off Paper Palette

Tear-Off Paper Palette

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The Tear-Off Paper Palette helps artists to easily load their brushes with the desired amount of paint, and provides a clean surface to mix and test paint colours on.

- 50 high quality tear-off palette pages

- Glossy, non absorbant surface

- Suitable for all types of paint

- 12 x 9 inches (30cm x 23cm)

Professional Artist Reviews

Ten Hundred

"I brushed a line that completely outlined a character, and the brush still wasn’t out of paint!"

Julia Gisella

“I really really love them! They’re perfect for creating long controlled brush strokes."

TigerBay Signs

"The longer bristles allow you paint smooth, seamless lines as they hold so much more paint."

Ola Martina

"These brushes helped me paint flowing lines on canvas, just like my Procreate illustrations."

Christian Black

"The brushes are perfect for many different projects, and increased the quality of my art."